The company

In April 1978, Tostaderos Sol de Alba, S.A. was established in Granada (Spain) as a roaster of nuts and snacks. Since its inception, Tostaderos Sol de Alba, S.A. distributes its products through distribution agreements with regional and national companies to cover supermarket and convenience channels. Tostaderos Sol de Alba, S.A. is known for its expertise in the production of sunflower seeds and extra crispy corn snacks.

Company philosophy

Our working philosophy is based on a balanced combination of quality, service and support to our distributors, who receive the opinions and suggestions necessary to further perfect their activity. Our mission is constant innovation, as well as flexibility and ability to adapt to different markets, which allows us to have solid sales growth in both the domestic and export markets.

Quality indicators

In 2001 our Company’s quality policy was awarded with the ISO 9001 (BUREAU VERITAS Certification) Quality Certificate which certifies that the quality management system of TOSTADEROS SOL DE ALBA, S.A complies with the requirements.

TOSTADEROS SOL DE ALBA, S.A adheres to European Law (CE) 852/2004 regarding food hygiene products, Law (CE) 178/2002 which reinforces other regulations concerning food safety, and Spanish Law 1081/2003 on general food safety. 
 Check our Quality and Food Security Policy.