From our values, our commitments are born

At Tostaderos Sol de Alba we believe that it is essential to take care of our consumers, our teams, our society and environment. We value quality, constant innovation in our products, in our technical systems, continuing education, equality of opportunities, transparency, ethics and legality.


Committed to sustainability.
Reduction of the consumption of resources and waste in our production processes.

Reduction of our water footprint.

  • We have an industrial residual water treatment plant.
  • We reuse part of the water in our manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the healthfulness of our products, and part of our water is used as a by-product for the manufacture of fertilizers.
  • We are members of the “«ESAGUA» “platform that ensures the analysis, calculation, reduction and dissemination of the concept of the water footprint.

Reduction of energy consumption

  • We generate 25% of our electricity consumption through solar panels.
  • We have replaced conventional lighting with LED lighting.
  • We use a heat recovery system that allows us to emit the combustion gases from our furnaces and boilers at low temperatures and whose heat we use to generate all the hot water for our production processes and facilities.
  • We have replaced conventional diesel fuel with natural gas, much more efficient and with less waste than other fossil fuels.

Use of raw materials and recycling

  • We do not use palm oil, we only use high oleic sunflower oil.
  • We do not use animal fats.
  • We recycle all the oil used to make biofuel.
  • We recycle any excess plastic and cardboard generated by our activity.


We understand quality in a broad sense: product, work,
process, service,
system and information


  • We are committed to constant innovation, to always adapt to the needs and tastes of our consumers.
  • We work to develop new products and to improve our processes through our own Research, Development & Innovation and by external companies specialized in food innovation.
  • In 2016 we obtained the INNOVATIVE SME seal awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.


  • ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFICATION Quality Management System – Standard of quality management systems (QMS) that will allow us to improve our products and services.
  • KOSHER CERTIFICATION – Guarantees that our products are suitable according to Jewish dietary standards.
  • HALAL CERTIFICATION – Ensures that our products are fit according to Muslim dietary standards.
  • We are working hard and we hope to shortly achieve the IFS CERTIFICATION (International Food Standard) a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that focuses on the certification of food safety and quality of processed products.

Food safety

  • To guarantee food safety, our products go through different and rigorous quality controls:
  • When we receive the raw material and before it goes into production, various analyses are carried out to rule out the presence of foreign bodies, pests, etc., in addition to evaluating the taste, texture, colour, etc.
  • During the processing and packaging we carry out a foreign body control on all our products with the most modern X-ray technology.
  • Finally and before dispatch, the packaging team checks the condition of the merchandise and makes the pertinent records to be able to control the product through complete traceability.


We support different associations and projects that we consider do essential work in our society.

Equal opportunities

  • We trust in labour integration, that is why we hire personnel through foundations such as ARCA EMPLEO, RED CROSS and local government employment agencies that promote economic promotion and employment.
  • Because we believe that we all have the same rights, we periodically rely on associations and foundations such as «Fundación Empresa y Juventud» that employs people who have difficulties integrating into working life due to their functional diversity.

Social responsability

  • We collaborate with various solidarity initiatives promoted by associations and foundations that support causes such as research into breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, autism or rare diseases such as Friedreich’s ataxia, among others.
  • We participate in activities that promote healthy living, integration and the practice of physical exercise such as the Inclusive Churriana Integra Race, the Granada City Half Marathon, the Two Hills Race, paddle tennis, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, taekwondo etc.

Employment creation

  • Granada is our home and for this reason, despite exporting to more than 35 countries, we decided to keep our production plant in our city, thus contributing to economic development and job creation in our region.


We guarantee excellence and productivity through professional development, commitment, training and reconciliation of the professional and personal life of our teams.


  • We trust that the well-being of our human team is one of the key factors for the success of our company.
  • We have implemented a flexible schedule in our offices, which allows our employees to plan their work day hours at the times that suit them best.
  • We organize the hours of our factory staff in rotating shifts with the aim that all staff can equally enjoy their private lives.


  • The bulk of our staff have permanent work contracts, buttressed at times by temporary workers during certain periods when production peaks require additional support.
  • The average tenure of our employees is 11.5 years.


  • The training of our teams entails improvement in the development of their daily activities, reduction in the complexity of their labours and increased performance.
  • We routinely teach courses in food safety, occupational safety and good practices.
  • We offer specialised courses in areas that facilitate the work of our teams: language learning, software usage, forklift driving, first aid, etc.

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