Foto línea de maíz con los logos de Tostaderos Sol de Alba, de la UE y CDTI

At Tostaderos Sol de Alba we always prioritise the quality of our products, which leads us to investigate possible improvements and production processes.

This is why we started a project of R&D&I to develop a new process for preparing our roasted corn, to achieve a higher quality, healthier and more stable product. We also seek to make this process flexible, modifiable and adaptable depending on the characteristics or quality of the desired corn snack, the state of the raw materials and the target market, through the application of intelligent technologies

From a technical point of view, this project will allow us to have the necessary information and make good data analysis, to base decisión making on objective information.

On the other hand, this new process will also be aimed at reducing the use of frying oils or fats, having a positive impact on our environment and the environment, as well as the absorption of these oils by the product, with the consequent nutritional improvement.

And from a commercial point of view, this project will allow us, as a company, to be more competitive and gain strength in different markets, while improving the quality of our final product.

All these actions, and the development and implementation of this new project that we are addressing in Tostaderos Sol de Alba is being possible thanks to the support and co-financing of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) of the Ministry of Industry through FEDER funds (European Fund Regional Development), and its motto ‘A way of making Europe’, thanks to which we can access these systems.

For a company like Tostaderos Sol de Alba, research and innovation in our products and processes, and being at the forefront of technology are essential to achieve a competitive advantage and access new markets, always guaranteeing the highest quality of our products, food safety for our consumers and our clients’ trust.