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Population growth and the excessive consumption of water is increasingly causing it to be a limited and scarce resource.

Although 80% of the planet is covered by salt water, just under 4% is fresh water that we can find in rivers, lakes and natural aquifers. And thanks to the water cycle well known to all, this resource is circulating and returns in the form of rain.

But what happens when the rate and quantity of consumption are much higher than what this cycle is capable of supporting?

This is when the problems that society is already experiencing appear, and the data is beginning to be worrying:

  • 1 in 4 inhabitants of a city do not have access to safe water for consumption.
  • More than 1.8 billion people worldwide cannot access drinking water, this is the official figure that, according to the UN, is actually higher. 
  • 2.8 billion people lack drinking water systems, causing two million deaths a year from intestinal diseases.

There are many studies affirming that the situation is going to get worse and that countries like the U.S., Spain or Mexico, among others, are going to suffer serious problems. If, in addition to the above data, we account for wars that have been and will be caused due to water, the situation is even more critical.

Tostaderos Sol de Alba is committed to the environment that surrounds us. For this, an adequate control is carried out of the discharges and emissions generated in our facilities, as well as the recycling of by-products from the production processes. We actively promote energy optimization of our processes and the generation of solar energy, while also seeking to permanently reduce the water footprint of our products.

Hard work, determination and sacrifice have allowed us to currently have more than 90 products spread across the five continents.

TOSTADEROS SOL DE ALBA, S.L shares EsAgua’s commitments to:

  • Make progress to calculate our water footprint and disseminate this through the public blog of the EsAgua website.
  • Disseminate the concept of water footprint to all stakeholders within and outside the organization.

Through permanent innovation, TOSTADEROS SOL DE ALBA, S.L. adapts to the different markets in its surroundings. In this sense, and in response to Tostaderos Sol de Alba’s commitment to sustainability, we decided to join the EsAgua Network in 2018 to express our commitment to our water footprint, to make progress towards its reduction and to communicate this on this blog. In the same way as the rest of the network’s participants, Tostaderos Sol de Alba is committed to disseminating the concept of the water footprint to all stakeholders, inside and outside the organization.

As concrete actions, in addition to the continuous improvement of our processes to optimize water consumption, we are finalizing the start-up of a water recirculation system with the Gedar company in the areas of corn washing and transportation that should allow us to save up to 70% of the water that we normally consume in these stages of the process, and we expect the implementation of this system in the coming weeks.